What is Nvivo? How might it help me in my PhD?  (2016 – present)

While doing my own PhD I am also involved in teaching at the University of Southampton. I started from working for Doctoral College which organises training for doctoral researchers. As a part of a trainer team, I lead workshops providing an overview of Nvivo – the Computer Assisted Qualitative Data Analysis (CAQDAS) software (you can learn more about the course here). Showing other students how it can help with their PhDs, I am sharing with them my own experience related with using Nvivo for the purpose of my own research.


Political systems  (academic year 2016/2017)

During the next academic year I will be a Tutorial Assistant for one of the core modules in Politics & International Relations (you can learn more about the module here). One of its mains is to provide students with knowledge about how the states are constructed, what are the differences between them, as well as what are the main threats to their existence. What is more, we will take a closer look at the issues related with citizens’ behaviour and their role in different political systems.


Issues in Contemporary Politics  (academic year 2015/2016)

I was a Tutorial Assistant for one of the modules created for the undergraduate students. The main aim of this course was to develop their knowledge about the policy-making process and make them aware of the occurrence of different kinds of interactions within it. Apart from leading the tutorials and marking students work, one of my tasks was to help the students with their group project which required them to identify, analytically describe, critically analyse and thoughtfully predict the development of a contemporary policy issue in the UK or another national liberal-democratic system of governance.