Born in Poland, educated (mostly) in the UK. Grown up as an individual with questioning tendencies, which motivates her in her strive to comprehend the surrounding world. Mainly interested in the UK politics, the role of women and the media influence on people’s perception of politicians.

Graduating from University of Warsaw with a title of Bachelor of Politics, BRek_logoturned her eyes on an institution in which she spent a year as an Erasmus exchange student – University of Southampton. Enrolled on the Master course in Global Politics, she wrote a dissertation which attempted to tie up the media ownership and the gender gap in political knowledge, which work won her The Politics & International Relations MSc Dissertation Prize.

Believing that Aristotle might be slightly wrong in claiming that man is by nature a political animal, decided to focus her PhD on the issue of gender in politics and the role of the media in people’s perception of political candidates during electoral periods.

In her spare time enjoys swimming, cooking and watching classic British TV sitcoms (regrettably she is unable to do it in the same time). When started to teach students, enjoys her holidays even more. While at the moment her main focus is exploring the mysteries of R and LaTeX, the task of looking for another academic post-doctoral adventure is imminent.

Since you already ended up in my corner of the internet, have a think whether my skills can help you with your research – if the answer is yes, please do not hesitate and contact me.